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Season 1, Episode 2: The Shift to Patient Centric Care [PODCAST]


The Shift To Patient Centric Care, with Brian Kenah

Welcome to Season 1, Episode 2 of Atlanta Business Impact Radio. In this episode, Brian Kenah and Veanne Smith discuss the shift in healthcare from illness-centric to patient-centric care, and how technology is playing a significant part.

We touch on topics such as:

  • What does patient-centric care look like both now and in the future
  • The impact that wearables are having on our health engagement
  • What are some of the new consumer-centric healthcare platforms that are taking off
  • The different approaches and possibilities to unify patient data

Please enjoy this episode.

About Brian

Brian is a Vice President in Healthcare IT with more than 15 years of experience.   In the past, he worked on products and services for vendor practice management and clinical systems.  When Brian saw the shift from vendor-centric healthcare to patient centric healthcare, he felt a spark.  He felt compelled to be a part of empowering the consumer by providing tools to payers, health systems, patients and the population that allowed all parties to act as a single unit.

Brian has experience in a variety of product and technical roles such as:

  • The management of software development
  • Product management
  • Product portfolio management
  • Operations management
  • Technical collaboration with third-party partners


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