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The Best Ways to Transition From Old Software to New Software

At SOLTECH, we don’t only make brand new software for brand new companies. We are often approached by organizations that need to revamp their existing platform and transition software, which can make any client understandably worried.

The question we’re asked almost every day is, “how do we transition from old software to new software?” The good news is that there are many approaches to take!

Be sure to ask your developers what is best for your project, whether that may be releasing a portion of the new software in sprints, or moving everyone over to the new platform at one time.

Here to explain further is our Application Architect, Nael Alismail:

How to Transition Software

We hope this educational video helps you understand the different ways to transition software. At SOLTECH, together, we’ll come up with a handcrafted solution that perfectly suits your team’s need.

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