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A Brief Guide To Software Project Confidence

Everyone has heard of the term “buyer’s remorse”, feeling anxious AFTER a large purchase has been made. But, what’s it called when you’re anxious about a purchase prior to making it, and how do you gain confidence in the purchase you’re about to make in order to avoid buyer’s remorse?

Custom software is a large investment and, for many people, it’s a nerve-wracking decision to make. In our experience with building custom software and talking to clients before and after their projects, we’ve come to discover there are two solid ways to overcome that anxiety and become more confident in your custom software project.

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Love Your Team

To be confident in the success of your overall software project, you need to know who’s working on it – and you need to trust them. It’s important to research custom software development firms until you find the one you believe is a great fit for you, your team, and the project you’re working on.

We suggest working with a software development firm that is either local or easy to communicate with from afar. Being close by allows for either in-person meetings (recommended), or just being in the same time zone will allow you to have regular calls with your team.

Getting to know your development team, their skills, background, and how dedicated they are to working on your project, the better you’ll feel about letting go of the reigns and allow you to breathe easy.


Here are some questions we suggest you ask software firms you’re considering:

  • What framework and languages do you use?
  • What is your process like?
  • Do you offer long term support?
  • Can I see a portfolio of your past work?

The answers you get from these four questions will go a long way in helping you determine if a software development firm is a right fit for you.

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Value: Cost

You have a great idea for software, a trustworthy, experienced development team to make it a reality, but will this software deliver value to your business?

Here are a few things your new software should do for you:

  • Bring in new customers/users
  • Improve efficiency
  • Lower expenses

If you want to be confident in the success of your custom software project, you need to be sure the cost to value ratio is on your side.

Ensure Confidence In Your Custom Software Project

It’s no secret that custom software projects can be costly and lengthy. But, if you are confident in the fit, expertise, and value your software development partner will provide, then you can say with confidence that paying six figures is worth it. When you feel confident in your team and the value your new software will bring, then this can become the best money your business can spend.

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If you’re looking for a software firm that’s a perfect fit, we’d like to talk to you about how SOLTECH can calm your anxieties and be part of a software project you’re confident in.

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