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Can You Build an App Cross Platform Simultaneously?

It is possible to build an app cross platform simultaneously. But, consider starting with just one. While there will be some economies of scale in the design of a product, each platform has its quirks and needs a different development team.

Then, once you’ve released the products, you’ll need to have a separate implementation phase for each platform. All of which makes a multi-platform approach very expensive and potentially wasteful.

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We would always recommend that you start with one platform, test and learn on that and then grow to new platforms.

Which platform do I start with?

Which platform you start with depends on your market, the users, the functionality and distribution that you need to leverage. A mobile web or hybrid app could be a good first option to validate a market demand, your proposition, and pricing. They are easier to develop, easier to support and can reach the widest range of devices.

But they lack access to the native features of a phone and gestural controls that users have come to expect. Native apps are more expensive to design and develop but provide the best overall user experience in terms of performance, functionality and look and feel.

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If you’ve validated your idea and are looking to launch a premium product then native is the way to go. The next question is, do you go with iOS or Android? That depends on your potential user base. Most new products are aimed at early adopters and our experience tells us that iOS is the best platform to reach this type of user.

Ultimately, creating successful cross platform products depends on finding the right partner. You want a partner that gets you, understands your goals, sees your vision and is just as invested in your success as their own. Especially if you’re at a smaller startup, or a company that is only beginning to invest in technology — especially given the increasing importance of these platforms — finding this exact fit could not only make or break your mobile strategy but your entire business.

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