When it comes to pricing and being billed for custom software development, there are two main options: Fixed Price and Time and Materials (T&M). Fixed price is exactly as the name suggests. A software […]


Choosing the right web and mobile technologies is critical for your application. Older technologies may limit the lifespan of your software. Mismatched technologies may not be a good fit for your project, limiting your […]

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There are several ways you can go about creating custom software developed for your business. The two most common options are hiring a software developer or hiring a software firm. Below we will discuss […]


In this article, we will address the importance of monitoring and managing your project as it relates to cost, as well as provide you with practical tips on how to do so. If your project […]


If you are concerned that your IT systems are holding you back, then you are faced with the options of modifying what you have, buying a replacement product, or rewriting your software. Every situation […]

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If you are new to software development and wondering how you go from idea to software, there are really three basic approaches. You can hire a single person, you can hire a software team […]


Proactively managing software costs is understandably a big priority when you are launching a software project. Below are eight recommendations on how you can save money and reduce costs when building software. 1. Create […]


Because of the time and capital investment, building custom software isn’t right for everyone. If you are considering a custom software application but are on the fence, this article is for you. We have listed […]

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Reporting can be a secondary thought when apps are designed and developed. Because of this, it is common to see reporting solutions running off of the application database, also known as the transactional or operational […]


In some ways, redesigning a legacy system is easier than building an application from scratch. Chances are you will want to make more than a few improvements with your new application, but your existing […]