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Three Things To Consider When Looking For the Best Company to Work For

At SOLTECH, our staffing solutions team works with hundreds of companies to find them the perfect candidate for the role they’re needing to fill. A question we’re often asked is centered around the things job seekers should look for when searching for the best company to work for. We understand that looking for a new job can be quite the challenge, so we decided to hone the focus in on three things to consider when looking for the best company to work for: people, growth opportunities, and the culture.

Looking For the Best Company?

Consider the people you’ll be working with,  the growth opportunities available, and the company’s culture.

looking for the best company

The People (coworkers) Will Make Or Break The Job

When looking for a new company to work for, be sure to meet some of the team, not just the recruiter or HR director. These are the people you’ll be spending most of your time with so ensuring you click will be important. You’ll also want to get briefed on their backgrounds as these are the folks you’ll be learning from!

Ask the hiring manager if you can go to lunch with the team you’d potentially be working directly with as this will give you a chance to meet with them on a more personal level.

How Can You Grow Within the Company?

Even if the company is a startup, definitely ask them about growth opportunities. Your career path is important and voicing your desire to want to be on a career path is important.

While the company may not be able to support your goals of heading into management right away, (for example, the company is small at the moment) knowing that you’re interested in investing in the company long-term will be beneficial.

Culture Isn’t Just a PingPong Table

Culture is quite the buzzword right now. Employers are often assuming that culture means having a game room or happy hours each week. While some employees may enjoy those perks, many are focused on a different type of culture – the mission.

Are the teams diverse in their backgrounds, bringing different types of perspectives and ideas to the team? Is the company a giving culture, focused on giving back to the community with volunteer days and mentoring within the community?

There are numerous ways to view the culture of the company so be sure to find that out by talking with folks from the company, asking the hiring managers and even searching their social media profiles online.


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