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Can I Turn My Enterprise Web App Into a Mobile App?

The short answer: yes! Nearly any enterprise application can be turned into a mobile app.

Thanks to laptops, smartphones, and apps, the way we work today is vastly different than how we worked in the past. No matter where we are, we can work efficiently and stay in constant contact with one another. Because of this, the demand for companies to make working remotely easier for employees has gone up. Thus, so has the need for turning enterprise web apps into mobile apps.

Another reason companies are looking to turn their big app into a smaller, portable app, is because the typical online customer isn’t sitting at a desk or near a computer. People become customers or users when they’re in the car, on the train, at a dinner party, etc. Because people can be customers anywhere, companies need to be available anywhere.


Before you get started on turning your enterprise app into a mobile app, here are a few things we suggest considering:

Make it Effective

It might be that not every feature of your web app can be brought over to your mobile app. If that is the case, make sure the features you can carry over keep the product working as it was designed. You want to create a mobile app that your customers want to use, not one they struggle with.

Make it Responsive

Not all screens are created equal. Be sure that when you open your app on any phone or tablet, that it is still usable. Trying to use a web app on a phone screen can be difficult and could turn away users.


In conclusion, if you’re going to spend the time and money to create a mobile app from your enterprise app, you need to be laser-focused on their needs of your users. We’ve built custom software for companies for 19 years, and we’ve seen the value a well thought out piece of software can bring to a business. If you’re looking to take your company to the next level, reach out to us. We’d love to hear your ideas and see how SOLTECH can help you.

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