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How Hospitals Can Benefit from Custom Software

We’ve worked with hospitals and healthcare administrators for years, and we’ve seen what a struggle trying to work with inefficient, out-of-the-box health record software is. If your hospital is having issues using electronic health record software, it’s time to reevaluate and consider adopting a new software solution for your health records.

Healthcare workers’ time is precious, and it’s important to help reduce their workload and boost efficiency with a health records solutions that is user-friendly, fast, and reliable.


Streamlining the input of patient data and eliminating any duplicated effort is a great way to save time and reduce frustration on the part of your hospital staff.

Creating a custom solution for your hospital will yield a greater return on investment, help the staff work more quickly and efficiently, and allow patients to effortlessly access the system. With the right software, all your specialized needs can be met.

Tailor-Made Software

When it comes to hospital health records software, one size doesn’t fit all. Each hospital is different and therefore has different needs.

A good software development team will sit down with you, listen to your needs, and translate those requirements into a piece of software that helps your hospital run more efficiently.


Another benefit of having tailor-made software, is the ability for growth. Hospitals grow and processes change, and custom software can be adjusted and updated accordingly, unlike off-the-shelf solutions.

Patient First Approach

As important as it is for healthcare professionals to be able to access health records quickly and easily, it’s just as important for patients to have a way to access these records, as well. When patients have easy access to their records, they’re more likely to be active participants in their own care, through scheduling follow-ups, and more regular communication with their doctor. Informed patients are healthier patients.

Cut the Cord

Healthcare workers shouldn’t be tied to a workstation desktop computer. With custom software, you are able to create a multiplatform system that will allow workers to access records from tablets, smartphones, and other devices, essentially ‘cutting the cord’.

Integrate With Existing Systems

It’s also important that electronic health records can be easily integrated with other systems within the hospital, such as clinical discussion support systems, laboratory information systems, and other tools.

For an electronic health record to be truly valuable, it needs to have all patient data and it needs to be updated consistently. Missing patient history or test results don’t give a doctor the complete picture of a patient, delaying diagnosis or even leading to unnecessary tests or a misdiagnosis.


Another benefit of an integrated system is the ability to search and share patient data. With a comprehensive health record, all a doctor or nurse has to do is search for the relevant data and then share it with other members of the care team. There’s no need to fax or courier paper records, saving both time and money.

Improve Hospital Operations

Doctors, nurses, and patients aren’t the only one who can benefit from custom software inside of a hospital. Hospitals can use health records to capture all of a healthcare provider’s time, which the payroll department can use for processing, analysis, and payment. This helps capture any billable time that may have been “lost” previously when a clinician didn’t have an easy and effective way to track their time.
There is no reason to continue using a software that isn’t right for you & your hospital. If you think your hospital could run more efficiently with a solution that is tailor-made for your institution, let’s talk. At SOLTECH, we’ve built customized software solutions for healthcare providers for over 19 years, and we’d like to help you, too.

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