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Lunch and Learn Series: Google Firebase

I’ll just go ahead and say it: Google Firebase is a frontend developer’s dream come true.

Google Firebase is a mobile platform that allows you to build apps fast, without managing infrastructure. Imagine starting a new project and having your database, authentication system, production-grade hosting, and cloud file storage all setup within the first hour of the project—without help from anyone else.  You’ll be working on the features that make your app unique before your coffee gets cold.

That’s what Firebase gives you: the ability to skip past some of the most time consuming and difficult tasks when starting a new project. It’s not perfect for everything, though. It’s not a replacement for Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure, and it certainly has its tradeoffs if you try to use it as your primary backend for a full-scale, long-term production app. While it is decidedly easier to get up and running on Firebase, you sacrifice the deep level of configuration and control that you’d get with one of the major cloud providers.

My recommendation: The next time you find yourself about to build a prototype or a proof-of-concept, consider Firebase. It may save you days or weeks of effort and allow you to experiment with features that you otherwise wouldn’t have had the time or resources to try.

Listen to Interface Engineer, Kiley Dorton, tell us more about Google Firebase and why he’s a fan.

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