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Three Common Problems with Mobile Responsive Design

At SOLTECH, we build hundreds of web and mobile applications each year. A question we hear frequently from our clients is, “what is mobile responsive design?” Since it is a popular topic, it is not only important to be aware of what it is and what it does, but what the common problems are with mobile responsive design. Three common problems with mobile responsive design are: features breaking, confusing mobile responsive design with a native mobile application, and not notifying your development team to make your web application mobile responsive in the beginning.

What is Mobile Responsive Design?

Mobile responsive design is a way to build a web application that will respond to the size of the screen it is being viewed on. For example, a desktop website will not load correctly when viewed on a mobile device or tablet. However, when a web application is built with mobile responsive design, the website will load the same on every device.

What Are the Problems with Mobile Responsive Design?

Problems can arise when developing any type of software project – from web applications to mobile applications. There are, however, three common problems that tend to arise when discussing mobile responsive design. But, those three things can be avoided with the right research and design.

Junior Software Developer at SOLTECH, Will Johnson, is here to go more in depth about mobile responsive design and these three common problems we often encounter.

To review:

  • First, be sure you trust your development team to ensure that features do not break. If they do, the problem is caught and solved right away.
  • Secondly, inform your developers during the initial conversation that you want your web application to be mobile responsive.
  • Finally, ensure you know the differences between a mobile application and mobile responsive design.


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