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What Are The Best Ways For Recruiting Passive Candidates?

Recruiting Passive Candidates

Recruiting passive candidates isn’t easy. In fact, recruiting talent, in general, isn’t always easy. We know this from personal experience. Part of our business here at SOLTECH is providing staffing solutions for companies throughout the Atlanta area. If you’re struggling to recruit passive candidates, we understand your frustration. Three things are important to remember when recruiting passive candidates: ensuring that their compensation, culture, and growth aligns with what you can provide.

Recruiting Passive Candidates

What Are the Differences Between Passive Candidates vs. Active Candidates?

Firstly, a passive candidate is someone who you feel would be a great fit for the role you’re recruiting for but they are currently employed elsewhere. They’re not actively seeking a new opportunity and are almost always content with where they are.

An active candidate is someone who is seriously searching for a new role with a new company. Remember, passive candidates are often approached for new opportunities so being competitive is extremely important.

What is the Role’s Compensation? (salary and benefits)

Compensation is listed first for many reasons. For better or for worse, often times employees prioritize the salary and benefits packages over other details of the position or company. Competitive compensation is one of the main topics you’ll encounter when discussing a new role with a passive candidate.

Recruiting Passive Candidates

Be sure you know your budget for the new-hire. Candidates are typically not shy to share the offers they’ve received from other companies, so also be sure to do your research before approaching anyone. Know what to expect to have to pay someone in order to get them to move to your company.

Is There Opportunity for Growth?(career path and promotions)

Today, employees want a substantial career path. The opportunities to learn new skills, be sent to training classes or paid seminars are extremely important to many. If the company you’re recruiting for offers opportunities such as these, this can be a great way to help excite the candidate.

In addition, the desire to be considered for an internal promotion weighs heavily on job seekers and there’s fair reasoning behind it. Employees invest their time and efforts and want to be recognized for their accomplishments with managerial and specialist roles.

What Is the Company Culture Like? (people and perks)

Recruiting Passive Candidates

Last but certainly not least is the work environment and people – which is bundled into one term – culture. Today, most companies are expected to have some sort of appealing benefit to the work culture whether that be perks like early Fridays, catered lunches or donut Wednesdays, to ping pong, to paid time off to volunteer.

It’s not just about the fun freebies though. Culture also represents the types of people that work at the company. Employees want to work with like-minded folks, people they’ll get along with, be able to collaborate with as well as spend many hours of their week with.

These are three things any candidate desires in a new company but specifically, three topics that if you prepare to discuss, will be great opportunities for you to get the passive candidate interested in accepting your offer.

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