Season 1, Episode 6: Innovations in Telehealth [PODCAST]

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Welcome to Season 1, Episode 6 of Atlanta Business Impact Radio. In this episode, Adrian DavisSean Middleton, and Veanne Smith talk about the origins of telemedicine/telehealth, and the current innovations in this growing medical service.

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We are excited to share this podcast with you!  During our conversation with Adrian and Sean, we talk about:

  • How telehealth got started
  • The type of conditions that telehealth can address
  • The benefits of telehealth for patients and businesses
  • The challenges of telehealth, such as public awareness
  • The services of MYidealDOCTOR
  • Other technology innovations in the telehealth space, such as MedWand, the first medical wand to allow patients to be examined remotely, and the winner of the prestigious Health 2.0 Launch! Award.

Please enjoy our episode!

About Adrian

Adrian is the founder and CEO of MYidealDOCTOR, which is a leading provider of cloud-based telemedicine and mHealth services, offering access to a physician 24/7/365 for informational or diagnostic consults of common and acute illnesses.

About Sean

Sean is the CTO of MYidealDOCTOR. He has nearly 20 years of experience leading software development initiatives, with the last 11 years focused on Healthcare IT solutions. Sean’s Healthcare IT experience includes holding positions at Greenway Health and NextGen Healthcare Information Systems.

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