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Season 2, Episode 1 [PODCAST]


 How To Scale Your Company Without Sacrificing Your Personal Life

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Welcome to Season 2, Episode 1 of Atlanta Business Impact Radio! It’s a new season and we have a brand new topic for you: Growing Businesses and Building Careers.

In this episode, Wayne Kurzen tells Veanne Smith how he has made it his life’s calling to help businesses transform and grow, while allowing business owners to have more time and the freedom to enjoy it.   He does this by helping leadership teams implement EOS – the Entrepreneurial Operating System.

During our discussion with Wayne, we talk about:

  • What EOS is and how it started
  • The story behind how Wayne discovered EOS and what made him want to be a Certified EOS Implementer
  • The types of organizations that EOS helps
  • How EOS helps businesses gain Vision, get Traction and get Healthy.
  • The EOS Model:
    • Vision
    • Data
    • Process
    • Traction
    • Issues
    • People
  • Stories of companies transforming their business with EOS.

You can interact with Wayne on Twitter and at

Please enjoy our episode!





About Wayne

Wayne is a multi-time national award winning business advisor, sought after speaker, and successful entrepreneur with over 15 years of experience in helping business leaders create organizations that become market leaders and highly valued companies.

A decorated Air Force pilot and commander who was promoted in the top 1% of his peers, he has translated the leadership into running several successful businesses– growing one startup to become a Home Depot supplier in less than two years. Wayne later won many national awards as a business coach to include “Coach of the Year” based on his client results.

Wayne’s passion is helping business owners have more time, money and the freedom to enjoy it. He does this by helping leadership teams implement EOS® — the Entrepreneurial Operating System.

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