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Season 2, Episode 11: Mentoring a Multi-Generational Workforce

Season 2, Episode 6: Taking The Leap to Franchise


Welcome to another episode of our series this season, which focuses on Growing Businesses and Building Careers.

In this podcast, Nancy Wolk and Trish Jones from eMentorConnect (eMC), along with hosts Veanne Smith and Sarah Lodato, talk about mentoring, the importance it has as well as covering  a popular question – how does one mentor multiple generations in the workforce?

What Will I Learn About Mentoring?

During our discussion with Nancy and Trish, we cover:

  • How mentoring programs can increase a company’s ROI
  • What it means to keep multiple generations engaged, how technology can come into play, and how it makes the process more effective
  • The unique approach eMentorConnect takes to pair a mentor with a mentee

Keep up with Nancy and Trish by heading over to the eMentorConnect website. Also feel free to connect with them on LinkedIn.

Please enjoy our episode!

About Nancy Wolk

As a highly recognized and requested expert in the field of coaching and leadership development, Nancy draws on her diverse experience to provide clients with effective mentoring solutions to enhance the 3 R’s critical to a company’s success: Recruitment, Retention and Results. Her passion for linking the fundamentals of leadership to people development is a critical component of eMC’s success. As co-founder, she recognized the need for a mentoring platform that was both sustainable and kinetic. In addition to eMC, she is an active board member of charities that positively impact our children and our future.

About Trish Jones

Trish spent decades as a lawyer, technology executive and strategist at global corporations including Turner Broadcasting, CNN and Coca-Cola. Trish sees mentoring as a way to “pay it forward” in the workplace, and knows first-hand the value of effective mentoring, as it played a pivotal role in her own professional development. Trish chose to join eMC as a principal in 2013, as it allowed her to bring her digital technology experience to eMC to create a best-in-class mentoring solution. A change agent at heart, Trish’s community efforts include causes addressing human rights, abused children and increasing the number of women in computing. She is an advisor to start -ups focused on macro impact issues, such as off-the-grid third world energy solutions and democratizing access to quality education.

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