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Season 2, Episode 12: Taking Your Business International [Podcast]

Season 2, Episode 6: Taking The Leap to Franchise

Taking your business international

Welcome to the last episode of our series for this season, which focuses on Growing Businesses and Building Careers.

In this episode, Rupen Patel, the former CTO of NCR’s Small & Medium Business division, along with hosts Veanne Smith and Sarah Lodato, joins us to discuss his career path, his experience with international businesses, and how to maintain a company’s vision and goals with teams scattered across the globe.

What Will I Learn About International Business?

During our discussion with Rupen we cover:

  • What it’s like to manage a team across multiple time zones
  • Ways to maintain a company culture, company’s vision and goals while having teams scattered across the globe
  • Rupen’s suggested tools and process methodologies

Keep up with Rupen by heading over to the Influence Health website. Also feel free to connect with him on LinkedIn.

Please enjoy our episode!

Since we recorded this session with Rupen, he has accepted a new role as CTO at Influence Health.

About Rupen Patel

While at NCR, Rupen led global engineering for their SaaS and Mobile product portfolio, helping to power businesses ranging from small businesses and franchise retailers to food trucks.  He also led innovation projects in areas such as IoT and analytics.  Previously, he founded and directed Mercurium, providing CTO and development services for SaaS companies that were focused on IoT, marketing automation, eCommerce, and health gamification. He has also helped envision and launch products at brands including Cox, Oracle, and several start-ups.  Rupen is an alumnus of both Georgia Tech and Vanderbilt, and has also done masters work at Stanford.


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