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Season 2, Episode 5 [Podcast]


The importance of building a personal brand

Welcome to Season 2, Episode 5 of Atlanta Business Impact Radio! Our topic for Season 2 is Growing Businesses and Building Careers.

In this episode, Stefanie Sheehan and Veanne Smith talk about building a personal brand to stimulate growth in your business and marketing efforts.

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During our discussion with Stefanie, we cover:

  • The “how” and “why” behind Stefanie’s creation of Mastermind your Launch: an engaging storyline that all of us growing businesses and careers can relate to for our own journey
  • The core components of a personal brand: messaging and visual presentation
  • Messaging as an engine for expressing brand values that are consistent, cohesive, and true to your your personality
  • Being the face of your brand: why connecting with a personal element will enhance the message you’re promoting
  • Visual branding and the many components that make it unique and impactful
  • Developing a content strategy that allows people to connect with you, driving home your brand and values even more effectively

We barely scratched the surface on all the potential behind “masterminding” your career or business launch, so make sure you check out more from Stefanie on the Mastermind your Launch websiteTwitter, or LinkedIn.

Please enjoy our episode!

About Stefanie

Stefanie Sheehan started her career in the corporate world, and felt called to take the entrepreneurial plunge with her husband while raising a young family.  She is a two-time successful entrepreneur with nearly a decade of executive management and business development experience.

What’s unique about Stefanie’s company, Mastermind Your Launch, is the powerful community of like-minded entrepreneurs and influencers that she makes available to each of her clients. As part of her work, Stefanie helps CEOs and entrepreneurs craft personal branding and content creation strategies that open doors to their next level of success and impact.


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