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Season 2, Episode 7: Leading With Purpose [Podcast]

Season 2, Episode 6: Taking The Leap to FranchiseLEADING WITH PURPOSE

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Welcome to Season 2, Episode 7 of the Atlanta Business Impact Radio! Our topic for Season 2 is Growing Businesses and Building Careers.
In this episode, Ravi Venkatesan and Veanne Smith talk about leadership and how to mentor your teams to build relationships and lead through change.

During our discussion with Ravi, we cover:

  • His passion for leading people through change and what leaders can do to be more effective in managing change
  • Leading an organization with purpose
  • The Losada Ratio, or the “Positivity Ratio” and how Ravi helps to inspire his team to adopt a more positive attitude
  • His insight on effective ingredients in helping teams develop better relationships

Learn more about Ravi and his career by heading over to the Bridge2 Solutions website. Keep up with Ravi by following him on Twitter and connect with him on LinkedIn.

Please enjoy our episode!

About Ravi

Ravi is currently the CTO at Bridge2 Solutions which is his latest adventure in his 15 year journey being a technology leader. With a mission to lead with purpose, Ravi encourages culture changes; he specializes in driving business and technology alignment with a “business outcomes first, and technology solutions second” approach.

Through his experience in Consulting, Technology and Telecommunications, Ravi has worked with industry leaders including Accenture, deploying large-scale Enterprise systems for Fortune 100 clients, and with Cbeyond deploying technology to power Cloud and Communications products for small and medium businesses.

Change can be hard in professional environments, but Ravi’s expertise as a technologist empowers him with an informed approach when thinking creatively through change, management and the purpose of innovating his teams.

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