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Season 3, Episode 10: Beyond the Logo: Creating a Brand Identity [Podcast]

Season 2, Episode 6: Taking The Leap to Franchise

Beyond the Logo: Creating a Brand Identity

Welcome to the tenth episode of season three, where we’re exploring innovation and talking with business leaders about how they have incorporated innovative approaches to the work they do.

In this podcast, hosts Veanne Smith and Sarah Lodato talk to J Cornelius, founder of Nine Labs and Atlanta Web Design Group, about the importance of branding and design when building a corporate identity.

What Will I Learn?

During our discussion with J, we cover:

  • The importance of following a design process when looking to discover a company’s identity
  • How much usability users are willing to overlook in the name of beautiful design
  • Grassroots resources that newly formed companies can utilize to form their identity on a minimal budget

If you’ve got a great idea and want to turn it into an app everyone will love to use, reach out to Nine Labs. And, if you’re looking to get involved with other creatives in the Atlanta area, check out upcoming meetups of the Atlanta Web Design Group.

About J Cornelius

J is a brand strategist, experience designer, and business consultant. He’s been building digital products for the web since 1996 and has been credited with creating multiple things web designers and developers take for granted today. He’s the Founder and CEO of Nine Labs, a digital experience design and strategy consultancy based here in Atlanta.

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