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Season 3, Episode 2: Finding Life Fulfillment [Podcast]

Season 2, Episode 6: Taking The Leap to Franchise


Welcome to another episode of season three where we’re exploring innovation and talking with business leaders about how they have incorporated innovative ideas into their workplace.

In this episode, Dr. Bill Schiemann, the CEO of Metrus Group and author, along with hosts Veanne Smith and Sarah Lodato, joins us to discuss his latest book Fulfilled!: Critical Choices: Work, Home, Life. We’ll also discuss how to find work-life balance and learn about the innovative ways to achieve life fulfillment.

What Will I Learn?

During our discussion with Bill we cover:

  • The Metrus Group and Metrus Institute and how they work together.
  • ACE: Alignment, Capabilities and Engagement and how individuals can use ACE as a guide to achieving life fulfillment.
  • If ACE is the answer to understanding how both Millennials and Baby Boomers can reach life fulfillment, via one set of instructions.
  • Which books Bill has read that have been profoundly impactful to the way he thinks about people, performance, and balance.

Keep up with Bill by heading over to his website. Also feel free to connect with him on LinkedIn.

Please enjoy our episode!

About Bill Schiemann

Bill is the CEO of Metrus Group, specializing in strategic performance measurement, organizational alignment, employee engagement/fulfillment and talent optimization. He has consulted extensively with corporations on the development and implementation of business and people strategies; human capital management; and creating high-performance cultures. He also founded the Metrus Institute, which supports research and publications in the human capital arena.

Bill is a thought leader in the human resources field, having authored scores of articles and multiple books on talent management, including his most recent work, Fulfilled!: Critical Choices: Work, Home, Life. He has served on the boards of the SHRM Foundation and HR Certification Institute and has been named a Fellow and Scholar of the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology.


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