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Season 4, Episode 1: Educating to Educate: Weaving Code Into Public Schools [PODCAST]

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Educating to Educate: Weaving Code Into Public Schools

Welcome to episode one of season four. Atlanta Business Impact Radio is excited to be back for another round of inspiring conversations with influential leaders in Atlanta.

Veanne and Sarah are kicking season four off with Jeffrey Martín, CEO and Founder of honorCode, a nonprofit organization aimed at providing curriculum and training to bring computer science and social-emotional learning into Atlanta schools.

Inside the Episode:

  • Surprising statistics regarding the lack of computer science classes offered in Atlanta K-12 schools
  • A look at the interesting model of teaching students that honorCode has created
  • A new definition for computer science class (hint: it’s no longer the typing classes of yore)

Enjoy the show!

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Who is Jeffrey Martín?

Jeffrey is an entrepreneur, an Atlanta native, and the driving force behind the initiative to weave coding into public education here in Atlanta. His work at honorCode has earned him 1st place in the 2016 Forbes Change The World Entrepreneurship Competition, and he was an inaugural Civic Innovation Fellow with Center for Civic Innovation (CCI). Jeffrey is young, energetic, and coming to a computer lab near you!

If you want to know how your school, classroom, or student can benefit from honorCode, you can reach them here via email.

Find honorCode here on the Twitterverse, and also on Facebook.

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