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Season 4, Episode 3: Atlanta’s Smart City Transformation [PODCAST]

Welcome to the fourth season of Atlanta Business Impact Radio. We’re excited to be back for another round of inspiring conversations with influential leaders in Atlanta.

This week, Veanne and Sarah are talking with Kirk Talbott, Executive Director of the Smart City Program, known as SmartATL, with City of Atlanta. SmartATL aims to enable the city, its citizens, and businesses gain the knowledge to improve Atlanta’s livability and foster economic growth through the use of various technologies and big data analytics.

Inside the Episode:

  • A look at how Atlanta, as a smart city, could profoundly affect its residents (yes, we’re talking about traffic!)
  • Discover where these technologies and ideas are already being put to use around the city
  • A brief history of smart cities – where the concept came from and what drove the US to begin creating smart cities of our own

Enjoy the show!

Who is Kirk Talbott?

Kirk Talbott is Executive Director of the Smart City Program with City of Atlanta. Kirk is leading the charge to use technology and data to make better-informed decisions that affect the residents, visitors, and business owners of Atlanta. With Kirk, Atlanta is in good hands! He has spent his career stabilizing and improving technology teams as a means to finding and realizing that value.

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