At SolTech, we consider every business to be unique; therefore every application must be too.  We approach the application consulting process with you in the driver’s seat, while we place ourselves as a passenger; SolTech is a gentle guide in this process while you make all of the sharp turns.

Unlike most software companies, we believe businesses to be the experts on knowing what they need, and we are the ones who put them in to action, and support you on your journey.

SolTech offers a variety of application services which they’ll address during consultation.  These include, but are not limited to:

  • Review of existing applications and recommendations
  • Assessment of business needs in terms of application software
  • Application definition, design and deployment plan
  • Detailed ongoing support plan including future updates and maintenance
  • Documentation and sign-off
  • Creation, implementation and testing
  • In-house training

Let us guide you on your journey to success; secure a consultation with one of our leading application engineers today.

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