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SOLTECH Delivers Single Sign-On (SSO) for Fortent

SOLTECH, an Atlanta-based developer of custom software solutions, solved a major integration challenge for Fortent.

Faced with a mixed environment comprised of Java and .Net applications, Fortent was looking for a unique approach that would allow these legacy applications to remain intact, but provide access through a single-signon that would also handle management of user entitlement to the specific applications.

According to Joe Longoria, Regional Director at Fortent, “We were looking for a local resource that had the capability to step in and take over development in an existing mixed environment. It helped that we were pleasantly familiar with SOLTECH, as we had previously used their resources from the recruiting side of their business.
It was clear that keeping the work local would give us reduced project preparation time, and with their engineers at our doorstep, ramp up times would be dramatically reduced. We felt that short term, per hour savings, suggested by various offshore proposals would soon be lost in the distance and time zone disconnect prevalent with offshore projects”

Using a combination of AJAX, Java, JSTL, Spring and Hibernate, SOLTECH built a web based signon server that managed new users and controlled their roles and permissions. Using sophisticated session management in the local browser, a fast web services protocol (Hessian), plus a cache located on each SSO server (EhCache), SOLTECH minimized inter-server traffic and reduced the overall cost of expensive server resources.

“Even with acceleration of the project by two weeks, SOLTECH delivered on time, and within budget” said Tim Smith, CEO and co-founder of SOLTECH.  “Our people delivered impressively on the core issues of  central sign on, central permissioning,  highly optmised inter-server communications, and a simple API to leave for developers that need to add systems later”, added Smith.
Longoria concluded, “SOLTECH, with their extensive track record brought domain expertise that was directly applicable to our project.  During sales meetings, SOLTECH brought the people that would do the work. The other companies brought sales people that rushed to make long distance phone calls as soon as we asked a question … With SOLTECH, the chemistry was right, the people were right.”

About Fortent
Fortent provides risk and compliance solutions to financial institutions, government agencies, and individuals in more than 100 countries.

Endorsed by the American Bankers Association, Fortent technology is used by the world’s largest financial firms across 50,000 locations. Fortent’s innovation and expertise in regulatory risk allow it to offer the most advanced anti-money laundering, know your customer, and fraud detection systems on the market today.

Through its award-winning information and training businesses, Fortent offers the world’s leading sources of regulatory news and analysis, the industry’s largest money laundering conference, and the leading certification program for compliance professionals on six continents.

Fortent’s global team operates from offices in New York, Miami, Atlanta, London, and Tokyo. For further information, visit

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