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Straight From The Recruiter’s Mouth

As a job seeker, you probably have found yourself really wondering if you are doing all the right things (or any of the wrong things) to land the perfect job. And since there are so many articles out there giving tips and tricks for finding a job, it’s hard to know what advice is the right advice.

HR and Recruiting professionals can be a great source of information, given their roles in the recruitment and selection process. So, here are 10 tips straight from our recruiters’ mouths about how best to land that perfect job and get your resume seen by the right people to leave a great lasting impression.

1. Tailor your resume to the job in which you are applying.

Make sure your resume matches the jobs for which you are applying. If you are a multi-skilled individual but are applying for a position utilizing one main skill, modifying your resume to reflect all of the work you have done in that area will be very beneficial in getting a response.

2. Make sure your email address is professional.

You don’t want to apply for a job with an email address like and think that the person on the receiving end is going to take you seriously. Go sign up for a free account and get a professional email address to use in your job search.

3. Get on Linkedin!

If you don’t have a Linkedin profile, create one ASAP and get networking. And while you are at it, be sure you portray yourself in a professional manner by using an appropriate photo to represent yourself well. Linkedin is no place for your crazy Facebook photos!

4. Apply for jobs on online job boards and post your resume to show your interest in finding a new job.

Sites like,,, and others are a great place to look for jobs. They also allow you to post your resume so recruiters and hiring managers can search for candidates with specific skills. The more you get yourself out there, the better chance you have getting contacted for positions you may not know exist. If you are looking for technical positions, post your resume on sites like that are specifically tailored to IT positions.

5. Ask your recruiter friends to do a mock interview with you.

If some of your friends make their living as recruiters, leverage their expertise. If they spend a lot of time interviewing prospective new employees, they will be able to listen to your answers and help you hone in on your strengths while also recommending ways to better sell yourself in an interview. The more practice you have interviewing, the better.

6. Pick up the phone!

If you find a job you REALLY love, don’t just rely on an email to do all the work. Call the company and try to talk to a recruiter or hiring manager about it. Being proactive is always a positive.

7. Be open to listening to new job opportunities even if you are happily employed.

There just might be an even better job out there waiting for you. Recruiters are your friends and can be just what you need to find that raise or promotion you’ve been secretly hoping for.

8. Show enthusiasm and interest during an interview.

If you sound bored or like you just rolled out of bed, the interviewer is going to notice and not going to have a great impression of you. Be confident in your skills and talk with energy. And always ask questions about the job you are interviewing for! It shows that you have done your research and really are interested in the position.

9. Err on the side of a business suit for in-person interviews.

If you are unsure what to wear to a face-to-face job interview, wear a suit. The more professional you dress, the more serious the interviewer will take you. The last thing you want to do is show up underdressed to an interview.

10. Send follow-up thank you notes to everyone you meet with.

Always ask for a business card or an email address before leaving an interview. This way you can send a thank you email letting the interviewer know that you appreciated the time they took to speak to you about the position AND you will have it for future networking purposes. Thank you emails also show your professionalism and that you are seriously interested in landing the job.

If you follow these tips and tricks, recruiters and hiring managers will be nothing but impressed and your chances of hearing back about jobs you’ve shown interest in will definitely be increased. Don’t fret if you don’t hear back from everyone – there are tons of people job seeking and not every job will be the right fit for you. Just keep on keeping on. Get your resume everywhere you can and network, network, network! The right job will come along in no time!

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