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Three Best Reasons to Use WordPress For Your Website

WordPress is a popular tool when building a website. It is a bit more mature in terms of features and design in comparison to sites like Blogger and Tumblr.  At SOLTECH, we’re often asked why WordPress is the best route for building a content focused website. In a world full of options, we understand that it can be overwhelming to pick which one is best.  The reasons why using this platform for your website is the best option are: it is easily customizable, there are numerous plug-in options and endless community support.

First, What is WordPress?

The software began as a blogging system, much like Blogger, Tumblr, Live Journal, and Xanga. However, it has evolved and is now used as a full content management system. The software holds thousands of features through the plugins and widgets and claims that your only limit is “your imagination and tech chops.”

It is considered a content management system (CMS) which is a software application that allows the user to create and manage content.


This Looks Like a Website, Not a CMS!

As a viewer, it’s easy to mistaken a customized WordPress site as a hand-coded one. That’s in thanks to WordPress being completely customizable.  You can opt to chose one of their free, pre-built themes or purchase a customized one from sites like Theme Forest or from your local developer. In addition, you can start from scratch and code almost all of the features you would like your site to have.

Ultimately, using a CMS such as WordPress gives the control to the user to make small edits and to manage their content. If the website is going to have a heavy focus on blogging, WordPress makes publishing new content easy and organized.

What’s a Plugin?

Plugins are an extension to the website. For example, one plugin that is commonly used is Yoast. Yoast helps you produce the best SEO, customized to each blog post or page on your website. A simple “install” button is all it takes for pre-coded, or “pre-made” plugins. You can also create your own plugins if you are a skilled developer or hire one to do so.


Can I Get Help Making a WordPress Site?

One of the many perks of using WordPress for your website is the support it offers. There are hundreds of message boards and mailing lists dedicated to WordPress support, including WordPress’ very own online community. Also, you can attend a WordCamp which are low-cost (or sometimes free!) events where you can learn more about WordPress and get to know other WordPress users.

While building a website should be left to a team of developers to ensure you are happy with the product, a site like WordPress is often a great option. Both experienced coders and not-so-techy-savvy individuals can navigate the software and create a CMS-based site easily.


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