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Is It Time To Replace Your Legacy Software?

A legacy software system is like your trusty, old car. You know what to expect. It’s always (mostly) worked. So, why do away with it?

Legacy systems work great—until they don’t. But, that’s okay. You have a chance to pick up where you’ve left off with a system that is custom-built just for you and your needs. There’s no reason to stick it out with a slow and outdated system, just like there’s no reason to keep grinding the gears and pumping the brakes in your old car. With productivity and profit at stake, when is the right time to consider replacing your legacy software?

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System Updating…

We’ve all seen this email: “Our system will be down for a few hours for updates”.  Each time you see that message in your inbox, what’s it costing you? In most offices, productivity heavily depends on a workflow system and if it’s down for the count, who’s getting anything done? Would you be okay with a car that’s in the shop more than it’s on the road? Probably not. You shouldn’t be okay with software like that, either.

Lite Security 

Most companies store some sort of information they deem as “confidential” on their systems. Therefore, security is a crucial part of determining whether you’re getting what you need from your legacy software. When your car doors don’t lock, you’re making yourself a target for theft. The same goes with software. When your software isn’t capable of encrypting and protecting your data, you’re a target for hackers and other security threats.

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Mobile Capabilities

Mobile access is an increasingly significant factor for overall competitiveness. However, many legacy systems are not accessible on-the-go, which can perpetuate a low-efficiency environment (particularly for a sales team out in the field). What happens when there is no hands-free option in your car and you need to make a call? Are you pulling over to the side of the road every time? By upgrading to a mobile, cloud-based system, employees can complete more tasks in more places more often.

It’s Not Integrating With Other Systems

Has your longtime software changed with your business? Are your business goals and needs the same as the day you first got your old software? Probably not. How is your business supposed to grow without software support?

Another problem to consider is when you try to introduce new software to your workflow. Will your legacy software integrate well with another system? If not, it may be time to trade in that clunker and upgrade to something more efficient.


If you think it may be time to take your legacy system to the junkyard, let SOLTECH help create a customized solution to replace it with. We’ve helped businesses fix their workflow troubles for nearly 20 years, and if you’re looking to take your business to the next level with new, more efficient software, let’s work together!

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