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Do You Use Off-Shore Developers?

Local vs. Off-Shore Developers

SOLTECH’s software teams are staffed with full-time local developers rather than off-shore developers, so we can design and build your software completely in our Atlanta development center.

Our teams consist of a number of specialized resources such as software architects, graphic designers, user experience (UX) designers, web developers, mobile app developers, application engineers, project managers, and quality assurance engineers to name a few.

At any given time, our Atlanta-based team is working on software projects of all sizes, from small to very large.

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On occasion, at the request of our clients, we have utilized off-shore resources or helped our clients manage their off-shore resources. Our preference is to use our local in-house staff because we value face-to-face collaboration and clear communication channels.

We believe utilizing on-shore rather than off-shore developers allows us to deliver a better software product for you.

The attraction to off-shore development is of course in the cost savings. In our experience, we have found that most if not all of the cost savings is negated by the need for additional project oversight, challenges in communication and the back and forth when there is rework.

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Off-shore certainly does work for some business, but it is not our preference. If you think you might be interested in a software development project and would like to further discuss your options, including a local on-shore development team, reach out to us for a chat. You can fill in the form on this page or call us at 404 601 6000.

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