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Where Do I Find Local Technology Staffing Firms?

If you’re in a large city like Atlanta, and you’re looking for work in the technology space, you’ve likely noticed that you are not alone – not by a long shot. Each year, more and more IT hopefuls descend on the workforce, and for many, it can seem like they’re being lost in the crowd. Because candidates are looking for guidance and insider connectors to companies around the city, many turn to technology staffing firms.

Finding a local company to work with is your best bet for getting the most out of your partnership. Many times, clients will tell us they’ve struggled to find local technology staffing firms, so we want to give some tips on the best ways to locate tech staffing firms around your city.

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General Staffing Firms vs. Technology Staffing Firms

If you’re in the technology field, look for staffing agencies that specialize in technology. By aligning yourself with a dedicated technology staffing firm, you’ll have access to trained career strategists that will knowledgeably examine your skills and experience, helping you highlight your brightest achievements. Besides giving tangible advice and coaching, a dedicated technology staffing firm will also be privy to hundreds of local companies looking for people with your skillset. They are your ‘foot in the door’.

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Choosing a Reputable Firm

While most of us may be inclined to simply do a Google search for “staffing agencies near me,” there are some other avenues that may lead you to better-matched resultsWhen you’re looking for a tech staffing firm that will be a good fit for you, you want to look for one that has a record of placing qualified candidates in the right positions. Check case studies, Glassdoor reviews, and ask your colleagues about their views on the company and their abilities to find their clients’ solid job opportunities.

As you start making introductions with staffing agencies, remember that a quality agency should help define who you are to potential employers to showcase how your skills can be an asset to their company. Set that expectation that you are looking for the staffing agency to attract opportunities that match your goals.

If you’re still looking for a local technology staffing firm, get in touch! At SOLTECH, we’ve helped hundreds of candidates navigate the competitive Atlanta job market and pave the right career path for them.


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