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Tips for Keeping Software Developers in Your Company

For those looking for new tech talent, it’s no secret that the battle is fierce, and convincing developers to join your company is just the beginning.

Top programmers are highly coveted and they know it. It’s not uncommon for a software developer to have multiple offers on the table. Because of that, companies go all out to source, attract, and recruit individuals who can take their products and services to the next level.

Getting a new engineer in the door is just the first step to what is, hopefully, a long relationship. So, now that you have your new team in place, how do you create a culture that great engineers will want to join and stay put?


Keep an Eye on the Competition

Although our moms told not to compare ourselves to others, when it comes to hiring and keeping sought after engineers, we encourage you to ignore than advice. Take a look around. How does your company stand up against your competitors on compensation, benefits, and culture?

It’s not uncommon for a software developer to have multiple offers on the table at once, and it might be tempting for them to go next door to take a similar job with better pay, benefits, or a more creative environment.


9 to 5 No More

Software developers work a lot. But, they still have families and other interests they would like to balance with work. Seeing that a company offers flex hours or a remote work program, is highly valuable to those who find themselves working late nights and weekends.

Flex hours and work from home options are just one of the perks a company could offer. The best way to find out what perks a team most values is, just ask!

 The Latest Technologies

Having the latest and greatest tools to work with isn’t only fun and interesting but also gives developers bragging rights with their peers and keeps them current in a fast-changing technical world. Not to mention, creating exciting, new software on old technology is frustrating.


Say, “thank you”

Of course, business owners are appreciative of the hard work their engineers are doing, but sometimes things are so crazy that they forget to recognize them for it. There is a myriad of ways to recognize outstanding developers, whether they’re introverted and would prefer private praises or they’re okay with being called out in public. Make a habit out of taking the time to thank team members and establish a culture around lifting each other up. A pat on the back goes a long way to maintaining happiness in the office.

Keeping Developers Happy

At SOLTECH, we work to create an environment that encourages creativity, engagement, and   We work hard, we play hard. If you’re looking to join a team that values software engineers, check out our open positions.

Or, if you’re a business owner trying to attract and keep developers in your office, reach out to us. We’ve been placing top tech talent for years, and we’d like to find the perfect fit for your office.

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