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discovery, recruiter

By: Soltech

The first question many employers ask right out of the gate is “How much will it cost me?” Because there seems to be a great deal of confusion and myth associated with technical recruiting. We’ve […]


By: Soltech

If you’re a hiring manager, you may notice you’re spending far more time searching for talent than you ever have before. It’s not just you. The hiring process is lengthening – we’ve noticed it, too. […]

difference between a recruiter and a headhunter

By: Soltech

Imagine this: you find yourself in need of an in-house developer, but you don’t know where to find a qualified, trustworthy candidate to take your software idea to the next level. Or, you’re looking […]

interview, network

By: Soltech

Written by Jeff Bond Recruiting isn’t an easy task. Specifically, a hidden challenge within recruiting is the interview process. It can be an overwhelming task, especially in a competitive market like the technology industry. […]

staffing agency

By: Soltech

At SOLTECH, we work with hundreds of clients to fill roles at their companies. From developers to technical writers, we recruit daily for a number of different needs. A question we often hear is, […]

company culture

By: Soltech

Written by Sarah Lodato Company culture exists whether you’re intentional about it or not. Where there are people, there are values, motivators, and behaviors that guide the production of an organization, but leaving your […]

interviewing, technology staffing firms

By: Soltech

Landing a job interview is not always an easy task. It is a competitive market so you will want to make sure you are fully prepared for your interview in order to secure the […]

productive, peer review

By: Soltech

At SOLTECH, our staffing solutions team works with hundreds of companies to find them the perfect candidate for the role they’re needing to fill. A question we’re often asked is centered around the things […]


By: Soltech

As a custom software and staffing solutions firm, we are often asked by our software clients about our staffing abilities. Many ask us what the benefits are of outsourcing their technical hiring needs to a […]

Job Descriptions

By: Soltech

How Do I Write the Best Job Descriptions? Half of what we do here at SOLTECH is provide staffing solutions. Therefore, we publish dozens of job listings a week – some to fill in-house positions, but many are […]

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