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Recruiting Passive Candidates

By: Soltech

Recruiting Passive Candidates Recruiting passive candidates isn’t easy. In fact, recruiting talent, in general, isn’t always easy. We know this from personal experience. Part of our business here at SOLTECH is providing staffing solutions for companies […]

By: Soltech

Culture may seem airy-fairy and nebulous, but it is an important part of hiring for the long-term. Although a candidate may be able to technically perform the tasks you need from him or her, […]


By: Soltech

As a job seeker, you probably have found yourself really wondering if you are doing all the right things (or any of the wrong things) to land the perfect job. And since there are […]


By: Soltech

Photo by Joel Bedford Summertime is always a time of excitement-planning vacations, being outdoors and focusing on self rejuvenation. Whether you are just starting to think about new opportunities or have actively begun your […]


By: Soltech

Your Career Is Never in Neutral – What are You Doing About It? At the beginning of 2015, I wrote about the importance of career management.  This means taking ownership and actively managing what […]


By: Soltech

You have a unique, amazing culture. The latest emerging technologies are being utilized. Solid leadership, above average compensation and, you even have a cool office space. Why is your critical position still open? With an […]


By: Soltech

Finding the right job can be difficult.  Identifying a role that has the best of everything you are looking for is a challenge- even if your skill set is in high demand.  So, it can be […]

work at home technology

By: Soltech

I received the following thank you note this week from a candidate I interviewed.   Dear Tim, Thank you for your time.  After our discussion, I am confident I can contribute to your organization.  […]


By: Soltech

Performing well in your current role is certainly central to being considered for a promotion.  More than personal relationships or seniority, promotions should be based on merit.  How do you show your current employer that […]


By: Soltech

Today more than ever, companies like to use the word “partner” to differentiate the relationship with their clients. It is an easy word to say, but what does it mean to truly be a business partner […]

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