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Fall is always a time of excitement- children going back to school, being outdoors and focusing on self rejuvenation. Whether you are just starting to think about new opportunities or have actively begun your job search, fall is a great time to see what new opportunities are out there!Here at SOLTECH, we are recruiting for new IT positions each week. From Software Engineer and DBA roles to BA, QA and PM opportunities, our roles cover the full IT spectrum. Our recruiting team is working with hundreds of candidates each month to advance their search and have come up with their top 5 tips to improve your search this fall.

Whether participating in a phone or face to face interview, always remember you are leaving an impression with that company. So, smile, be friendly, maintain eye contact and always be gracious.2. FOLLOW THROUGH
When scheduling interviews or meetings, be sure to be thorough in your responses and send them in a timely manner.3. STREAMLINE YOUR RESUME
Verify all information on your resume is current and be prepared to speak in detail about all technologies, roles and responsibilities listed. In general, if you have not actively worked with a technology, don’t list it! Also, keep your resume short, sweet and to the point. Leave some mystery and don’t list every task you have ever completed. You can always expand in the interview.4. DO YOUR HOMEWORK
Research the companies you interview with prior to speaking with them. Check the company’s website and LinkedIn profiles to learn as much as you can…this may be your future employer.5. NETWORK! NETWORK! NETWORK!
This is key to a successful job search. Attend industry specific networking events and utilize social media sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter to connect and stay in contact with other professionals.

Take advantage of these 5 tips and you will be well on your way to a brighter career opportunity.

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