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Technical Recruiting: Leaving A Lasting Impression

It’s officially spring time and you have new hopes to hire talented and outstanding recruits to join your team. But wait, it’s not that simple, as we know the Technology industry is beyond booming and these individuals are wanted left and right, kind of like Bon Jovi quoted, “Wanted, Dead or Alive!” Which leads us to the question, when you do find potential hires, what can you do to attract and maintain the best talent while keeping your company’s interest in mind? A big component of this practice includes leaving an impactful impression upon the candidate which starts with the interview process.

It’s a helpful start to analyze your interview process and take the quality time and effort needed to find top notch talent. Treating recruits with respect, going above and beyond in providing them with insightful information about your company and opportunity at hand is an essential part of the process.

People are concerned with the day to day culture and overall environment at work, therefore sharing positive attributes in those areas can be key. For example, does your company offer any team building events, a flexible schedule, current equipment, social activities, community volunteer participation programs, recognition incentives for standout performance, complimentary breakfast one day of the week, health/incentive programs, or similar? Sometimes it can just be the day to day extras that make them feel appreciated which can lead to swaying a strong candidate in your direction. SOLTECH offers outstanding, experienced Technical Staffing Services and can help to take this burden off of your shoulders.

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