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Meet Our Newest SOLTECHies

Just like with any family, we find ourselves constantly growing and evolving. Here are the newest members of the SOLTECH family…

Duncan Iaria, Interface Engineer

Tell me about your background and how you ended up at SOLTECH.  As a child, I aspired to be a plumber. I grew up being fascinated by computers and video games. Since childhood, I’ve attended Savannah College of Art and Design where I studied Animation (of the 3D variety) and Interactive Design and Development. Additionally, I’ve rounded out my technical skills by taking courses more specifically focused on modern web development from Georgia Tech.

What is your role here? Currently, I’m an Interface Engineer at SOLTECH, a role which is a perfect blend of my background in art, design, technical skills and love of computers. I specialize in building the interfaces that users interact with on websites and mobile applications. 

What do you do outside of work? I used to be way cooler than I am now. While attending the Savannah College of Art and Design I played drums in an indie folk rock band, General Oglethorpe & the Panhandlers. In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my family (Rhiannon, my partner in crime and Sophie, my sweet dog daughter), biking, playing drums, and developing video games.

What tech is currently peaking your interest? I’m interested in learning more about electronics, including IoT hardware (Arduino and Raspberry Pi) – and while I’m at it with the soldering and all that – I plan on also getting into building custom mechanical keyboards. Because I’m totally not a nerd at all. 

Why SOLTECH? I chose SOLTECH because I was impressed by the people who interviewed me. They all seemed excited, knowledgeable, and humble. Additionally, I love that it’s a greenfield environment that uses all the newest tech stacks. Learning is important to me, and SOLTECH values the spread of knowledge. Also – the view from the office is very nice, if not entirely terrifying for someone scared of heights – like me. 


Evan Lemmons, Project Lead

What do you do outside of work? Mountain biking, playing and researching video games, cooking

Interesting facts about yourself? A cool thing: Toured the country and worked out of recording studios writing and playing music with various artists for 13 years. A nerdy thing: At one point in time I was the raid leader of the 49th guild in the world in World of Warcraft.

Why SOLTECH? From their digital footprint alone I was drawn in by their community. Their active social media presence and regularly updated podcasts really reflect the atmosphere and intention of the organization. Also, the Learning Center on their site really showed a desire to meet clients where they are and help them to make the most informed decision. All of that paired with their successful 20-year-long presence had me hooked.

Tell me about what you do at SOLTECH.  I’m currently a Project Lead, but in a former life was a Ruby and React.js developer

What tech is currently peaking your interest? I want to dig deeper into the Agile/Scrum methodology by pursuing some official training. I also want to learn more about the game development process so I can actually publish one some day.

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