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What Are The Best Reasons For Outsourcing My Technical Hiring Needs to a Staffing Firm?

As a custom software and staffing solutions firm, we are often asked by our software clients about our staffing abilities. Many ask us what the benefits are of outsourcing their technical hiring needs to a staffing firm. We understand that it involves a load of trust in the firm to find you the best candidates, but it can also be a great stress reliever to take this activity off of your plate. The answer is yes, but only if you find a reputable staffing firm to work with.


Searching For the Right Staffing Firm

First, you will need to find a staffing firm with a positive reputation and clients who can attest to their positive experience. You can do this by searching on sites like Google. Try phrases like “staffing solutions,” “staffing firm,” and adding your city to the search words.

While you can work for a national staffing firm, you may find that it is best to work with a local one. They will have an extensive and extended network in your area with many resources in finding you the right candidate to hire.

This also relieves any need for relocation packages – one less thing to stress about, in addition to the candidate already being aware of the local market and salary ranges.

If you have looked online with no such luck, as your colleagues both in-person and online. Someone in your network will surely know of a firm to recommend.

After you have found a potential firm, be sure to meet with them to discuss placement rates, estimated time to fulfill as well as ask for their client success stories.

Before you ask questions to answer all of yours and address your concerns, see what the staffing firm asks. They should also be asking you questions relevant to your search.

Some questions to consider asking during your initial meeting:

How many folks in similar positions have they filled? Do they have a focus on hiring for technical roles? What are their retention rates – do their candidates typically stay for extended periods of time at the company they’re hired for?

Ask as many questions as you can to ensure the firm will be able to fulfill your expectations.


Why Outsource Technical Hiring Needs?

You may have a talent team in-house that recruits for positions. In some events, the recruiting efforts are not enough. Going to a staffing firm that has years of building a database of potential candidates can help alleviate the stress. This is especially true when the position you are attempting to fill is a higher level role or perhaps new and unique to the company.

Another perk to outsourcing your hiring needs is when you only need a temporary employee. If the role is project-specific, you will likely not need the candidate after the project has been completed. Instead of spending time and money placing advertisements on job boards, the staffing firm will be able to hand-select someone who is interested in a temporary role.

Recruiters at a staffing firm can also consult with start-ups or smaller sized businesses due to their experience in recruiting for varied types of teams. They can help you decide what type of team you need in terms of what roles as well as the size. If the staffing firm also has their own engineering team, they’ll be able to give you insight and advice directly from those in the technical field.

There are many reasons to outsource your hiring needs.

What are some of the reasons you have chosen to outsource your hiring needs? Why are you considering it? What was your experience like in the past?

Be sure to share your feedback in the comments below!

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