When your project is in trouble, SOLTECH is there

Project recovery is the process in which a project is brought back on board with its goals and expectations, of course with as little impact on the current project budget and timetable as possible.

If you’re experiencing a technology project going in the wrong direction, or are unhappy with the quality of the deliverables or finding communication with your outsourced firm difficult, then you might want to consider SOLTECH’s project recovery services.

Projects can fail or be halted for a number of reasons, including poorly defined and understood requirements, unrealistic schedules, inadequate team, and constant change during development, poor quality of work and minimal understanding of end goal requirements.

Keeping your project going

To address budget, schedule overruns and poor quality of work, it’s important to enter the project recovery phase as soon as possible.

When a client comes to SOLTECH with a project in need of recovery, we start with these simple steps:

  • Redefine project goals
  • Take complete control and management of the project
  • Provide blueprint of next steps
  • Identify the pressing issues and bottlenecks
  • Establish a new plan of action
  • Provide new expectation of quality and delivery
  • Implement and review with client

This is all done with constant communication with every client; we want complete peace of mind that you can trust your project completion to SOLTECH, at the highest quality.

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