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What is ReactJS? An Introductory Review

Are you wondering what ReactJS is and if you should be using it? At SOLTECH, our engineers are often asked about the different tools, programs, wireframes, and languages. In this article, you’ll hear from our Application Architect, Nael Alismail about ReactJS and an introduction to what all it does.

Continuing Education

At  SOLTECH, we feel it is important to continue our education and to continue growing our skills. We decided to give our team the opportunity to strengthen their presentation and public speaking skills by leading a “Lunch and Learn.” Each month, someone from our team gives a 30-minute workshop on the topic of their choice, to teach on a subject they’re well-versed in.

ReactJS Workshop

This month, one of our Application Architects Nael Alismail, gave an introduction to ReactJs. Alismail’s 30-minute workshop included an overview of items such as JSX, creating components, and props and states.

introduction to reactjs

Alismail has been an Application Architect at SOLTECH for one year and has been a software engineer for over 10 years. Listen to his workshop below to gain insight on ReactJS and follow along with his code examples.

Learn More About Technology

Be sure to check back for next month’s workshop. Can’t wait to learn something new? Check out our podcast, Atlanta Business Impact Radio to discover helpful insight on a variety of topics from mentoring to leadership.

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