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How Do You Get Your Software Startup Started?

Going from a mobile or website app idea to a revenue generating business may seem completely daunting, but don’t worry. You are in good company. All startups begin this way.

Because it is impossible to see all the steps before you get started, consider whiteboarding or mind-mapping everything that you do know, and then filling in the gaps along the way.

If designing and developing software is new to you, below are some of the steps you may want to include when you brainstorm the tasks to achieve your goal.

Write a clear and concise vision statement

Your vision statement will drive all of your decisions from branding to product features. Take a moment to get clear on your vision so you can share it with others. This is your goal destination and what everyone is driving towards.

You can start writing your vision statement by filling in the following sentence.

I am offering a (type of software)
to (your target audience)
which will (problem it will address)
so that (transformation it will create for your audience).

Here is an example for you:

I am offering a parental control mobile app
to worried parents of children who are using mobile devices,
which will allow parents to control the amount of time per app that each child uses as well as block inappropriate content,
so that parents can rest at ease about too much screen time and inappropriate content for their children.

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Check Out The Competition

Before you go down the path of designing your idea, it’s a great idea to see what is already out there. By knowing your competition, you can gather some very useful information that may shape your application for the better.

Below are a few questions you can think about during your research.

  • What seems to be working?
  • What doesn’t work so well?
  • Is there a gap where certain users or certain needs are being unmet?
  • Where is there an opportunity for your product to excel?

Put Your Software Ideas Down On Paper

There is a lot to creating an awesome software design, and more often than not it will take a professional to get you there.  But when you are just starting out, your goal is to get your ideas out of your head and onto paper as soon as possible.

There is no right way to go about it. Use a tool that you are familiar with and that is easy to use.  You don’t want to have the tool get in the way of your creative process.

You might consider pen and paper, Microsoft Word, a mindmap application like SimpleMind+ or a wireframe /screen design tool like Balsamiq, Mockflow, or Photoshop.

To get you started, think about your primary users and the key workflows that they will use to achieve the transformation in your vision statement.

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Create a Support Structure

Great things are rarely accomplished alone. Even a solo-entrepreneur will benefit from collaborating with others.

Consider writing a list of what you need and then reaching out to your network of friends, family, neighbors, and past colleagues to see if they can help. It may be as simple as getting feedback on your ideas or recommendations for an accountant to finding a mentor who has successfully done what you want to do before.

People are happy to talk about what they know and they are happy to give support. You just have to reach out and ask.

If you are not already on LinkedIn, consider joining and using it as a tool to grow and cultivate your professional network.

Get Professional Help

There are many ways that you can get professional help. Chances are, many others have traveled down this same road before you and can help you to achieve your goals faster while avoiding common pitfalls.

Consider looking into:

  • A business coach
  • A mastermind group
  • A start-up community or incubator
  • An online course or community
  • A technology advisor
  • A professional software firm
  • A professional marketing and branding company

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Starting your own start-up is an incredibly exciting adventure and one where the steps to the end will never be known. Rather than let that stop you, do what you know to do next, or ask someone for help.

Although we are not right for every start-up, SOLTECH has helped several first-time product owners go from idea to finished product in just a few months. Maybe we can help you too? Contact us and let’s chat!

The Checklist For Sharing Your Software Vision

Before you start developing your software app, clarify and write down your thoughts and ideas so they can be consistently and easily shared and understood. To help you get started on the right foot, we have created a checklist.

You can grab a copy of that checklist below and share it with your team!

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