Sprints: Software Development Jargon, Defined

 In Software Development

In software development, a sprint is a set stretch of time that a development team has to work on and complete specific tasks associated with a software project. Sprints are a way of breaking up large amounts of work into more digestible pieces. This allows the team to stay on the same page, evaluate issues that arise before they come bigger problems, and focus all their energy on smaller pieces instead of being distracted by the rest of project.


Typically, a sprint will last for somewhere between two weeks and 30 days, but they come in all sizes. The length of the sprint and what will be accomplished during it, are things that the client and development team will decide together. The development team has the final say when it comes to determining how much work can realistically be accomplished during the sprint, and the client has the final say on what criteria need to be met for the work to be approved and accepted before the team can begin another sprint.


As a sprint progresses, the development team and client will hold catch-up meetings, or stand ups, to talk about issues, brainstorm solutions, and evaluate the progress they are making. It’s important to have the client in on these meetings to answer questions that are sure to arise during each sprint.

As a rule of thumb, to keep the project on time and budget, it’s important the client not make any unnecessary sudden changes to the scope of the project during the sprints.

Once the sprint is over and the assigned work is completed, the development team will present the work to the client for their approval. Once the client is happy with the work that has been done, the development team will set another goal and begin another sprint.


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