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Written by Sarah Lodato Company culture exists whether you’re intentional about it or not. Where there are people, there are values, motivators, and behaviors that guide the production of an organization, but leaving your […]

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At SOLTECH, we build hundreds of web and mobile applications each year. A question we hear frequently from our clients is, “what is mobile responsive design?” Since it is a popular topic, it is not […]

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Technologies are often created out of a need. For mobile devices, it was the sheer number of screen sizes from a small phone to a large tablet and all the sizes in between that […]

create custom software budgets

Create Custom Software Budgets The best ways to create custom software budgets can be simple but can definitely appear to be overwhelming. Before we dive into the four steps that will help you, let’s think about […]

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In technology, specifically software development, there’s a lot of terminology that not everyone knows. Often times at SOLTECH, we’re asked what the differences are between specific terms. For example, clients have asked us what […]

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Being a project manager requires a juggling act of skills related to time management, organization, communication, and finance. Project Managers must be able to keep the project within its deadline and timeline, keep the team […]

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Landing a job interview is not always an easy task. It is a competitive market so you will want to make sure you are fully prepared for your interview in order to secure the […]

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As engineers, we often wear a second hat of a consultant. Prospective and current clients will ask us, “what are the common problems with my current web application?” which then leads to us doing […]


In some ways, redesigning a legacy system is easier than building an application from scratch. Chances are you will want to make more than a few improvements with your new application, but your existing […]

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At SOLTECH, our staffing solutions team works with hundreds of companies to find them the perfect candidate for the role they’re needing to fill. A question we’re often asked is centered around the things […]