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What Are the Benefits Of Hiring a Contractor Through an IT Staffing Agency?

When a full-time tech hire doesn’t make sense, yet, specific needs exist, your business can now draw from a large pool of available options. In fact, the rise of contract workers has given companies of all sizes new avenues for accomplishing their requirements without the time and cost of hiring a full-time employee.

You could hire an independent freelancer or task your HR department to hunt for a tech who has the skills to get the job done. However, unless you or your HR manager are conversant in tech-speak, it is more complicated to evaluate technical professionals than it is for many other positions.  Without technical knowledge and an existing pipeline of candidates, it can take much longer to locate the right tech professional, and the possibility of contracting one without all of the necessary skills for the job/project exists.


It is likely you may need someone who has experience and knowledge in data structures, user interface design, web services, Java, .NET, and so much more. This is one of the reasons companies turn to a tech staffing firm for hiring contractors. A specialized staffing firm knows the jargon, has a deep pipeline of candidates, and can more easily match your needs with the appropriate contractor. Rather than allow the project to turn cold and be put on the back burner, companies understand that a tech staffing firm can isolate ideal candidates in short order.

In this article, we will touch on some of the additional benefits companies can gain from using a staffing company to hire their tech professional contractors.

Advantages of Using a Staffing Firm for IT Contract Staffing

There are several benefits when it comes to utilizing a staffing firm to locate contract resources…


It Saves Time

  • Solves Tech Issues Quickly – Most companies’ technical needs are immediate, whether it is for custom software development, cloud computing or customizing a CRM platform, these are typically initiatives that cannot wait.
  • No Training Necessary – It takes time to find just the right employees or contractors. Staffing agencies take the time to match qualified contractors who already have the experience to take care of project needs. They can hit the ground running once they understand the scope of the project.
  • Paperwork is Eliminated – Companies don’t have to spend time doing new hire paperwork as the staffing companies assume that responsibility and will take care of any required paperwork for contractors.
  • Faster Onboarding – Companies don’t have to spend time searching for the best candidates or taking them through the company’s rigorous onboarding process. Technical needs are often urgent, so using a staffing firm is the most expeditious option.


It Saves Money

  • Payroll and benefits – When companies work with contractors, they are able to eliminate the costs associated with payroll, such as employment and unemployment taxes as well as other benefit-related costs.
  • A contractor works only when needed – The company is not obligated to conjure up work to keep the contractor busy, which is one of the best aspects of using a staffing firm’s contractor. You can use a variety of contractors, as needed – no strings attached.
  • Eliminates costs related to turnover – According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average turnover rate in the U.S. was 44.3 percent in 2018 and the associated costs are estimated at 33 percent of the employee’s annual salary. A bad hire can be costly.
  • Eliminates liability – When a bad hire goes south, they may attempt to file with the Labor Board if they feel their termination was unjust or not conducted in a legal manner.
  • Equipment – Contractors often use their own hardware and software to create and store the code, manage the project, and collaborate with team members. Unless a specialized tool is required, you will not have to worry about purchasing products and productivity tools, such as Microsoft Project, Visual Studio, SQL Server and Jira.

It Ensures Finding Qualified Talent

As mentioned earlier, unless the person hiring the contractor is extremely tech-savvy, it can be confusing and result in connecting with a tech that has only some of the necessary skills, or even the wrong skillset. Staffing companies are already tuned into a network of talented, quality contractors. They know where to find them, how to vet them, and how to come up with the best options.


Supports Company Changes Long-Term

As companies evolve, so do their needs… particularly in the tech department. One year, a tech may be needed to develop an interactive website. A year later, they may decide to move data to the cloud coupled with creating a variety of access levels. Years later, they may want to create a network with their newly developed sister-company. The bottom line is that tech needs change rapidly, so it is not always wise to be locked into a full-time staff of employees with dated technology expertise.

Helps Avoid Team Burnout

Whether your company is small, medium or large, hiring contractors for specific projects will greatly help in lightening the load. In smaller companies, there is generally one tech who must wear several hats and doesn’t always know exactly how to solve every tech challenge. Medium-to-large companies often have a team of techs who are working diligently to keep everything running smoothly but don’t necessarily have extra time to tend to new projects.


Infusing the team with a helpful contractor when needed, will keep techs fresh and avoid burnout. Plus, they will have the opportunity to learn new skills and techniques from contractors who are generally wide and deep in terms of their expertise due to the variety of engagements they have worked on.

Creates a Reliable and On-demand Resource

In today’s business world, flexibility is key. Businesses that form a relationship with a staffing company can be extremely valuable. Over time, organizations may need a variety of contractors for many reasons. Having a viable resource that can fill in the staffing needs quickly will become an asset in the short- and long-term.

In Summary

Whenever hiring a full-time tech doesn’t make sense, remember that finding a contractor through a staffing firm has several advantages.

  • It saves time
  • It saves money
  • Finds the best talent quickly
  • Company’s short- and long-term needs are easily met
  • Avoids tech team burnout
  • Develops a strong partnership with a firm that can help instantly


Additionally, it removes a heavy burden from HR’s shoulders, particularly if tech-speak does not come easily to the person who is trying to find the perfect contractor for the situation.

It is all so much easier when you have a strong tech staffing firm looking out for your best interests. SOLTECH specializes in finding and matching the best prospects to our clients’ needs. Whether you need part-time, temporary, or contract tech professionals, we have our finger on the pulse in Atlanta and the surrounding areas so that we can fulfill your needs promptly, efficiently, and passionately.


Veanne Smith

Co-CEO & Co-Founder


Veanne Smith serves as the co-CEO and co-founder of SOLTECH – Atlanta’s premier software development, technology consulting and IT staffing firm.

Prior to founding SOLTECH, Veanne spent more than 10 years in the technology industry, where she leveraged her software development and project management skills to attain executive leadership responsibilities for a growing national technology consulting firm. She is passionate about building mutually beneficial long-term relationships, growing businesses, and helping people achieve their personal life goals via rewarding employment opportunities.

Outside of SOLTECH, Veanne is considered a thought leader in Atlanta’s IT community. Currently, she serves on the Advisory Board for The College of Computing and Software Engineering at Kennesaw State University. In addition, Veanne helped launch the AxIO Advisory Council, has been a member of Vistage for 20 years, and created Atlanta Business Impact Radio – a podcast that showcases some of Atlanta’s most innovative businesses and technology professionals.

As an influential figure in the technology and IT staffing industry, Veanne consistently produces insightful articles that address both the opportunities and challenges in IT staffing. Through her writing, she offers valuable tips and advice to businesses seeking to hire technical talent, as well as individuals searching for new opportunities.

She holds a degree in Computer Science from Illinois State University.

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