In the infancy of your business, an IT department could consist of one person — usually known as ‘the computer guy’. But, as your business expands, the need to build and maintain systems that keep […]

SOLTECH Spotlight

Kathy is a native Georgian, which is something you don’t come by often in Atlanta, and she’s spent her entire career in the city. She’s been married to her husband for 30 years, has […]

SOLTECH Spotlight

Natalie is a Lexington, Kentucky native who decided six months ago to pack up and head to Atlanta, and we’re so glad she did! When she isn’t scouring the city for top-notch talent, she […]

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As the software product owner, you are the most important person of the software project.  You give the vision, the details of what the software needs to do, the direction on how the software should look, […]

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Solid candidates continue to have multiple options, making hiring harder and more expensive for organizations. You can use this challenge to your advantage. With a resource shortage, many businesses do not have the skill […]

SOLTECH Spotlight

The holidays are a time for giving, but QA Engineer, Stacy Galarza, doesn’t stop after New Years Day. Stacy is known around the SOLTECH office for asking for donations for a myriad of charities, […]

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As an interviewer, you must confirm that a candidate has the knowledge it takes to work on your current projects, as well as fit into your company’s culture. Hiring is expensive. Hiring the wrong […]


Written by: Scott Burkey, US Marine, and SOLTECH Senior Project Lead There are tons of articles on the web about the benefits of hiring military veterans. If you are a hiring manager you’ve likely […]


Just like with any family, we find ourselves constantly growing and evolving. Here are the newest members of the SOLTECH family… Duncan Iaria, Interface Engineer Tell me about your background and how you ended […]

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Introducing SOLTECH’s very own award-winning recording artist and interface engineer, Kiley Dorton. In college, Kiley was a member of the UGA acapella group, the UGA Accidentals, and during his time with them, they became […]