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Software Development

delayed project, software project

The process to build a software app is relatively straightforward. It is true that the software industry has varying opinions on how mobile apps should be built like waterfall vs. agile, but at the […]

delayed project, software project

It is true that one of the major problems with building web or mobile apps is that software projects take longer than planned. In this article, we take an honest look at the common problems that […]

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Unlike buying an out-of-the-box or off-the-shelf software program, it’s more complicated to develop a custom software solution. When an individual or a company hires a software firm to develop a custom software solution, they […]



Choosing the right web and mobile development technologies is critical for your application. Older technologies may limit the lifespan of your software. Even if you select one of the latest web development technologies, it […]

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There are several ways you can go about developing custom software  for your business. The two most common options are hiring a software developer and hiring a software firm. There’s not a clear-cut, right-or-wrong […]



In this article, we will address the importance of monitoring and managing your project as it relates to cost, as well as provide you with practical tips on how to do so. If your project […]



If you are concerned that your IT systems are holding you back, then you are faced with the options of modifying what you have, buying a replacement product, or rewriting your software. Every situation […]

Does White Label Software Development Affect The Design?

Does White Labeling Affect The Design Of Your Software? Clients often come to us with a software idea that will modernize or even revolutionize the way their industry does business. Once they see the […]

onshore offshore development software


While there are benefits to going offshore with your development needs, benefits such as lower cost and shorter development time, where you run into problems is, just because you can hire offshore developers to […]

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If you are new to software development and wondering how you go from idea to software, there are really three basic approaches. You can hire a single person, you can hire a software team […]