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Software Development

outsource software development people on laptops

Are you thinking about outsourcing your software development project to a third-party vendor?  We’ve helped companies successfully outsource projects for over 20 years. With the right partners and approach, outsourcing software development is incredibly […]


Which costs more onshore or offshore custom software development? This is a question we’ve been asked many times over the years.  You might think it is obvious that offshore software development versus onshore software […]

salesforce healthcloud emr

Salesforce Health Cloud brings a full, 360-degree view of patients to the healthcare industry. It is a reimagined healthcare customer relationship management (CRM) platform that seamlessly connects systems of record to improve visibility into […]

tech stacks for web app

If you’re building a web app, you might be wondering “What’s the best stack for custom web applications?”. If you’re evaluating web app stacks to use in your project, you’ll find some helpful information […]

nonprofit cloud group hands in

As a nonprofit, you understand the value of using a good CRM to nurture your contacts and grow your organization. When using a CRM like Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud, it’s important that it’s set up […]

Cost to build a custom web app

You’re here because you want to build a custom web application and you want to know how much it will cost you. Having built custom software for many years, many of our customers have […]

digital transformation buildings

Digital transformation has the potential to radically change the way your company works. It’ll make your company more efficient and productive by integrating technology into your everyday processes in a way that benefits all […]

contractor plans fixed cost

Because we’re a custom software development company, we often hear this question. Providing a fixed cost estimate on custom software upfront is challenging. Why? We compare this process to building a custom house. If […]

mobile app tech idea

The mobile app sector is growing rapidly and is estimated to generate $582 billion through paid downloads and in-app advertising this year. It’s no wonder you’re considering developing a mobile application. When evaluating technology […]


By: Tim Smith

In this article, we describe the three main phases that a custom software project goes through, and the typical duration of each step.  No two projects are alike or take the same amount of […]