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Software Development


Internet of Things (IoT) technology is exploding in popularity as it takes on new roles in many different industries. It may seem like a complex idea, but the term is used to describe the growing […]


When considering a technical partner to build your software, there are other factors that come into play beyond technical ability. Communicating with remote teams, prioritizing tasks, working around time differences — all of these […]


When it comes to developing software programs, there are a lot of different methodologies and workflows a team can adopt. For many companies today, an Agile development methodology is preferred as it is less […]


Software can completely change the way you conduct business, which is why the task shouldn’t be taken lightly. Software solutions that are not correctly implemented can have negative repercussions that result in financial loses, […]


Patient expectations around the healthcare experience have evolved and expanded as Millennials and members of Generation Z play larger roles in the healthcare economy. Traditional healthcare models no longer work to deliver the levels […]


As customers interact with your company across multiple channels and traditional decision paths diverge to become increasingly more specific to the buyer, your business needs a way to keep ahead of these changes and […]


We, at SOLTECH, understand that the process of developing software has many challenges. Requirement gathering, meeting promised budget and time constraints, navigating unfamiliar business processes, building a team to produce a specific product, the […]


This is a question that some of our clients have been asking more and more lately. Here, at SOLTECH, 2018 has been a very busy year helping those very clients achieve ADA compliance and […]

Software Development: Time And Materials Vs. Fixed Fee

Getting started with a software idea can be exciting. You have come up with something that you feel could benefit others somehow. Or at least they would find enjoyment in it. This software could […]


It is true that one of the major problems with building web or mobile apps is software projects taking longer than planned. What slows down a software project? In this article, we take an […]